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Washington DC Security Services

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At National Capital Security, we offer several security options to help you protect yourself and those around you. Our licensed Security Officers and Special Police Officers provide quality security services in Washington DC at competitive rates. From Van Ness to East of the River, Businesses and residential communities across the Washington DC Metro Area choose us as their preferred private security company.

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Why Choose National Capital Security?

It is essential to choose the right Washington DC security company.  National Capital Security is dedicated to exceeding client’s expectations of quality service.  As former law enforcement officers, the owners of National Capital Security know the importance of providing the best protection.  They manage the ongoing operations of the organizations.  Ownership makes sure that every aspect of the organization is structured with a focus on the needs of the client.  Electronic patrol tracking systems monitor patrol sites in addition to supervisor performance inspections. 

  • Professional security officers
  • Ownership actively involved with the company
  • Officer activity is monitored by GPS patrol tracking system.
  • Clients have direct access to ownership

All National Capital Security personnel are licensed by the Metropolitan Police Department Security Officer Management Branch (DC SOMB)Officers must pass an extensive selection process to earn the right to call themselves National Capital Security Officers.  Only the best security guards are permitted to join the team. 

Unarmed Security Guard Services

unarmed security guard

Unarmed security guard services are the most popular and cost-effective security service.  Washington DC unarmed officers serve as an effective crime deterrent without the increased liability presented by having a firearm present at your location.  Whether you need to keep people from accessing sensitive areas, keep an eye on valuables, or general crime prevention, we can help.

Common Unarmed Security Service Locations

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Washington DC COVID 19 Screening Services

COVID-19 mitigation security

Coronavirus is an unprecedented threat to the businesses and residents of Northern VA.  In response to the new realities of COVID-19, National Capital Security provides coronavirus prevention services.  Officers monitor the entrances of the buildings, checking temperatures, and enforcing PPE and entry restrictions.  Our officers are available to conduct temperature checks and access control services to sensitive locations and public gatherings. The COVID-19 screening service team keeps aware of the latest CDC guidelines.  We consider our COVID-19 mitigation services a way of doing our part help to stop the spread. 

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Fire Watch Patrol Services

fire watch patrol in Washington DC
A fire alarm with built in strobe light to alert in case of fire.

Is your fire alarm malfunctioning? Has the fire marshal told you that you need to have fire watch?  National Capital Security provides fire watch patrol services the commercial and residential buildings in Washington DC.  We will guide you through every step of the process from creating the fire watch plan, recording the patrol activity, and communicating with the fire marshal. 

Washington DC has very specific fire watch regulations.  We understand the fire watch regulations and take proper measures to ensure that the fire watch services being provided are fully compliant with the fire watch regulations of the District of Columbia. 

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Mobile Security Patrols

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The last thing you want is a bunch of shady people messing around near your property. If you live in a condo, apartment or gated community, our mobile patrols can keep people from vandalizing your property. When you have vehicles with flashing lights or security officers patrolling on foot, you’re significantly less likely to have problems with criminals. Our mobile security officers can even reach areas where cars can’t go by combining mobile and foot patrols. No security company in Washington DC does it better than National Capital Security.

Residential Security Guards

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Feeling unsafe in your own home is a difficult feeling to cope with, but that can be the case in certain areas. If your home has been a frequent target of vandalism or car break-ins, our residential uniformed security officers can help protect your home. Not only can we help keep an eye on things, we thwart criminals and we can call the police if we see something suspicious.

Available residential security services

  • Unarmed security patrols
  • Access control
  • Security concierge service
  • General rule enforcement

Construction Site Security Guards

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Unwanted visitors are a big problem with construction sites, especially if there are valuable tools or building materials being left there overnight. The best way to protect your construction site is to hire a Washington DC construction site security guard from National Capital Security.  When you need an extra set of eyes keeping thieves away at night, our professional security officers are happy to help.

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