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Mobile Security Patrols

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Mobile security patrol services help keep your home or business safe.  At National Capital Security, our security patrol officers understand how to provide active mobile patrols for businesses and homeowners. We know that mobile patrolling is more than just driving around an area in a patrol vehicle. We can combine foot and mobile security patrols to make sure your premises are secure.  Bicycle patrols are also available for locations that do permit vehicle access.  Our mobile security patrol team is ready to serve 24/7. 

Mobile Security Patrol Service Areas

Atlanta | Northern VA | Washington DC

Why Choose to Work With National Capital Security? 

At National Capital Security, our owners know how to protect businesses and communities.  Our owners are former police officers and are actively involved with the company. When you work with our team, you get direct access to our owners.  We believe that every client should receive direct attention from our management team. 

At National Capital Security, we have competitive prices and provide excellent quality for the money you spend. All of our officers pass background checks and are well trained to fulfill their duties. 

Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Real-time GPS patrol tracking
  • Unarmed mobile security guards
  • Trained professional security officers
  • Foot and mobile security services
  • Mobile patrols on bicycles

Free Estimates Call 800-239-8341

mobile security patrol officer

Our team has experience protecting commercial and residential locations, so you can trust that your home or business will stay safe. 

Our services are available in Washington DC, Northern VA, and Atlanta. With over 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to provide the security services needed to make the world a safer place.

What Is a Mobile Security Patrols Service?

With mobile security, a security guard uses a vehicle such as a car, truck, or bicycle, to patrol their assigned area. They can cover more ground with this method, making sure that all areas within a community, parking lot, commercial building complex, or event are covered.  Additionally, mobile security patrols combine foot patrols with their services, so that hard-to-reach areas do not go unprotected.  Since the vehicles are marked and highly visible, they work as a visual deterrent against crimes. 

Mobile security patrols comprehensively search properties to keep them secure throughout their shifts. Best of all, if there is a problem, the security service can respond rapidly.

Security Patrol Tracking

We have systems in place to make sure that mobile security patrol customers receive the high-quality service they deserve.  Patrol tracking systems use GPS and NCS technology to monitor the officers’ patrol activity and location throughout their time on duty.  Mobile security guards use the patrol tracking systems’ reporting function to create detailed incident reports.  Clients receive all incident and daily activity reports via email.  Patrol tracking is another example of how our mobile patrol services are the right choice for professional mobile securit

security guard patrol tracking system

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