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COVID- 19 Screening Service

In response to the unprecedented threat from COVID-19, National Capital Security offers COVID-19 screening and access control services.  Buildings and facilities across the Washington DC Metro Area use security personnel to enforce mask-wearing, take temperatures, and ask questions suggested by the CDC to identify and deter persons with an increased risk of spreading COVID-19 from entering.  Our team of professional screeners has the perfect combination of security, problem-solving, and customer service skills needed to provide effective service.  National Capital Security is the best option for COVID-19 screening service.   

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covid- 19 screening service

While it is impossible to guarantee that no one will ever contract COVID-19 while at your business, COVID-19 screening reduces the likelihood of transmission. 

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COVID-19 Screening Service Areas

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What Our COVID-19 Screening Services Include

When you want to make sure you’re doing your part to reduce the spread of the virus, you can count on our COVID-19 mitigation services. We’ll have security officers in place to monitor the building entrances. Each person who enters a location or event can be screened:

  • We’ll use temporal thermometers to check for fevers
  • We’ll ask guests screening questions recommended by the CDC
  • We can enforce the use of PPE (masks, gloves, etc.)

We stay up to date on the industry best practices for COVID-19 screening. Additionally, our screeners are kept up to date on the latest CDC and OSHA guidelines. As new information is shared, we adjust our screening questions and our overall approach. 

The benefit of letting National Capital Security provide the screening service is to ensure we’re able to enforce not only state standards but your location’s standards as well.  Should someone be running a fever, have come into contact with someone who has COVID, or refuses to wear a mask, we can deny them access and prevent scenarios from escalating.

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Why You Want to Screen Everyone for COVID- 19

Every business wants to maintain the highest level of safety for both employees and guests. The use of masks along with various screening measures reduces the possibility of someone contracting corona virus while at your location. 

Here’s the deal

People are always looking for opportunities to sue businesses.  Businesses must do their best to reduce their risks of legal liability. Businesses use COVID-19 screening to demonstrate that they are making their best efforts to protect their employees and customers. 

CDC has released guidelines suggesting that persons entering public buildings be screened for COVID-19.  There is a list of questions that should be asked.  Businesses who fail to comply with CDC guidelines can run into liability issues.

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COVID-19 is a way to do your part to fight the spread

COVID-19 is a global threat.  Everyone must do their part to fight the spread.  We know that it will take the combined efforts of us all to defeat COVID-19.  You can prevent your employees getting sick, which would potentially require you to close your doors.  Further, you don’t want to contribute to an increase in COVID numbers as it could lead to a second round of a statewide closure of businesses.  Either way, too many positive cases could have a negative impact on your finances and the economy as a whole.  If for no other reason, businesses use COVID-19 screening to protect the business owners from the virus. 

Customers prefer businesses that screen for COVID-19

Customers gain a sense of safety when they see that businesses are confirming the use of PPE and conducting screenings.  Customers have peace of mind from knowing that your business is doing its part to protect their health and wellbeing. 

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